Thursday, June 15, 2006

Out on the Town in Savannah, GA

From L to R: Mike McManus, Chris Welch, Todd Gagne
Dennis Damon, Dave Cloutier, James George, & sorry, forgot...
Mike Heath (Beast), Chris Welch, Random Chick, Dave Cloutier,
Dennis Damon, Mike McManus, & James George...

Yo, Dave-check the's not THAT hot!

Oh, Beast...what a night... What is that, a G.I. Joe pillow case?!

Super Senior Cruise, 1996.

Tattoos at Savannah

Mike McManus getting inked...

Scott Cote getting his...

The artist, Dennis Damon getting yet another...

The end result-Scott Cote (L) & Mike McManus (R)...

Super Senior Cruise, 1996.

More Super Senior Cruise

Coming up to the City of New Orleans...

...Tugs working us alongside the dock

Making fast at the dock, downtown New Orleans...

...Downtown New Orleans

Super Senior Cruise, 1996.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Super Senior Cruise

Transitting the Mississippi River...

Ships waiting in line to make their way up river...

Anchor watch while transitting...

Our humble abode for the next 60 days... Senior Year, 1996.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Mike McManus & Steve Rendalls room...
Yup, I guess there were a few beers consumed that night...

Check out the variety: Miller Lite, Miller High Life, Milwaukees Best (AKA Beast), & of corse Natie Light, but what the hell is the Zima there for? Must have had a few chixs there, no probably not, we're talkin' about MMA here... Senior Year, '95-96.

MMmmm, Gram Rendall's Crackers

Shawn Snedden & Mike McManus. Isn't it funny how you'll eat just about anything when you're drunk? Steve's grandmother's special oyster crackers were always a hit. Senior Year, '95-96.

Honey, I Miss You Soo Much, Hold on, I Gotta Take Care Of Something...

Gary Couture, if you only knew what was comming...

Senior Year, '95-96.

Yet Another Reson to Ask, What the Hell!!

Did I mention that alcohol may have been involved? God, I hope so... Senior Year, '95-96.

Basil & Mark

Basil & Mark Whittney...Dude, you GOTTA learn to put on a shirt! Senior Year, '95-96.

Good Times in the Hallway

Steve Rendall, Basil Messer, Mike Loncoski, Gary Couture, & Shawn Snedden
Mike McManus, John Salat (new found love of alcohol...), Steve Rendall, & Shawn Snedden
Senior Year, '95-96

Winter Day

View from the dorms of the Field House & Athletic Field. Senior Year, '95-96.

The Crew

Salat finally discovers alcohol. Senior Year '95-96.

Shawn Snedden & Steve Rendall

I think some alcohol might have been consumed this night...
Steve givin' some love to Shawn's boots...
Shawn & Steve showin' off their bling...
Not too sure about this one...
Senior Year, '95-96.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Basil & Mike

From Top: Basil Messer in his favorite chair, Basil exiting the can in his usual attire.
Mike Loncoski taking an early morning swig, Mike looking for some privacy-yah, right!

Senior Year, '95-96.

The Trolls

Our neighbors, "The Trolls". Spring Break '95, Daytona Beach.

Jimmy at His Best

Jimmy before & after his beer bong hits. Spring Break '95, Daytona Beach.

The Notre Dame Crew

The girls of Notre Dame. Spring Break '95, Daytona Beach.

The Connecticut Crew

The girls from Connecticut. Spring Break '95, Daytona Beach.

Hangin' Out

Hangin' out before heading into town. Spring Break '95, Daytona Beach.

Spring Break '95

Steve Coming Back From Hawaii

Steve on his way home from Hawaii. Summer, 1995.

What a Tool!!

Steve stenciling his blue cambray. Junior year, '94-95.

Mike & Brian

Mike & Brian Leeds. Junior year, '94-95.

Coffee Table Surfin'

Hang 10 Steve! Sweet boots...

The Rendall Family

Making the trip back to Castine from Portland, ME. Freshman Cruise, 1993.